United We Fall, Divided We Stand

Love’s role in this house is

Dissolving like the shell of an egg in vinegar.

Hate waiting impatiently –

Ready to explode like a volcano.

Spewing hot, molten loathing

That will engulf everyone.

Mistrust, irrationality, and stress

Already knocking at our door.

Problems spring forth like rabbits

Hopping out of a magician’s hat.

An army of  worries, burdens,

And obstacles headed out way.

Only the four of us to fend them off.

United we stand.

But there is no such thing

As unity in this world, is there?


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  1. Depends whether that unity is based on trust or not. And love. Check out these extracts from my collection –


  2. Very nice poem today. I really enjoyed reading it. Please read and share this poem called “The Inspiration” also.

    Thanks again for writing this.

  3. fantastic points altogether, you just won a brand new reader.

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