Graphic Art

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Other than poetry and writing fiction, I do like visual and graphic art. Although I am not that great, I do try. Above are some of my Graphic Arts Collection.

The picture of the eye (with the blue iris) was found on the internet. Using Photoshop, I changed it from a regular eye, to something that looks a little bit more evil.

The picture of the beer mug with the grey background, I found on Google. I took that rather plain and boring mug and re-vamped it with a playful, new background and gave it a teasing and luring caption which reads “go ahead… give it a try”. Giving it some smoke added a really cool effect to it.

Now, the black and white eye is one of the best things I have probably ever created. Using nothing other than the often neglected program Microsoft Paint, I created something that looks very realistic. Using mostly the spray can and adjustable lines (similar to the pen tool in Photoshop) I created something that looks sketched.

The black and white mouth was made using the default Microsoft Paint as well. Playing around with the lighting effects gives it an almost 3-D effect. One thing I would change if I could would be to make the base colour a little lighter. By the time I realized that, it was too late. None the less, it came out better than i thought it would.

We end this collection off with a beautiful silhouette of palm trees and grass in the setting sun. I made this using Microsoft Paint as well. This whole piece consisted of mostly two tools. The first one is the spray can tool, and the other one is the paint bucket tool. As a child, I always made scenic views with two hills, a river coming through the valley, near my dream home. This was a different take to it. This summer, I did not travel psychically, but as one can see, I was mentally in Paradise!


Arjun Kay

(Sit Down. Kick Back. Relax. Open your mind).


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