New Home Away From Home

As a first year student myself, I know exactly how others feel. A little sad that you are moved down to the last rung of the social ladder once again, and in turn a little helpless. There is nothing to worry about because in college there is always something for everyone to do and fit in.

What I did to help others get around Humber College’s Lakeshore campus a little better is, as I was exploring it for myself, I marked down the different stores, restaurants, and services around campus. I hope this can help people and give them a better idea about the neighbourhood in which they are going to live, work, and study in.

Each number on the map corrosponds to a number beneath the picture. (i.e. 1 on the map is Printing. Copies.) The numbers on the map are exactly where the store is. (i.e. 17 – N.T. Williamson Real Estate LTD is just a bit past Kipling Ave.).

I hope this helps!


Arjun Kay

P.S. Make sure to click on the image to get a larger view. The image will appear in a new window.

Humber Lakeshore Map and Legend

Home Away From Home

1 –  Printing. Copies. Fax

Computer Rental/Resume/ College Books for less

2 – Just Sushi


3 – Mon Lee’s Variety

Convenience Store

4 – Pizza and Wings


5 – Ghazele

Middle Eastern Food

6 – Blue Lagoon

Sports Bar and Grill (Karaoke every Friday and Saturday)

7 – Nails

Beauty Salon

8 – Mobilicity Telehut


9 – Subway


10 – H and R Block


 11 – Tatsuis Bread


12 – Diarda

Pizza and wings

13 – Unicare Pharmacy


14 – Lakeshore West Medical and Profressional Centre


15 – Eye Candy Opcticals


16 – Humber Fashion Institute


17 – N.T. Williamson Real Estate LTD

Real Estate

18 – North Sails

Sales and Service Loft

19 – Economical Movers


20 – Yalla Café

Middle Eastern Eatery and Pastery

21 – Hope of Church

Deliverance Ministers

22 – Golden Touch

Building Maintanance

23 – Aqua – Nails and Spa

Beauty Salon

24 – AmeriSpecs

Inspection Services

25 – Minute Muffler and Brakes


26 – Williams Coffee Pub


27 – Father John Redmond

Catholic School and Regional Arts Centre

28 – Ken Cox Community Centre

Attached to school

AN – Humber Centre for Justice Leadership


Park – Wide grounds to sit and relax

Can Bike, Picnic, Walk Pets


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