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History or Mystory?

On May the 24th, a young infant peacefully joined a new world. Me! I was born in India, and I lived a very unusual life unlike most people. I have been through the hard times, and have remembered the good times.

My name was not always supposed to be Arjun. My brother, my knight in shining armour came and saved the day by having my name changed to Arjun. Why so? This is because, in India, at the time, there was a TV series about – what some say is the greatest epic ever written – Mahabharata (Great India) and in that, there was a legendary hero who is considered as the greatest archer ever.

Every Friday night, I keep myself busy with cadets. Not something the average teen does in his spare time on a Friday night, but I’m not the average child, am I? I am very passionate about cadets and love everything about it. It betters me in more ways than others. I find that I was made for cadets. The vigorous training, discipline and knowledge you gain from it is amazing and very helpful, and it looks great on the résumé. I look forward for those 3 hours where I am a Sergeant (Hopefully soon to be Flight Sergeant) and not Arjun. For those 3 hours I am not the funny guy everyone at school knows me as.

My mother is nothing short of amazing. She is – in all honesty – a superwoman. After a hard day’s work, she can come home to cook dinner and clean the kitchen. At times, I treat everyone at home by cooking something special here and there. My father is someone who has his own ideas and loves sharing them with everyone. Of course, everyone has there flaws however, I love the two of them and embrace both, their strengths and weaknesses.

My brother – being the great role model and inspiration that he is – is so awesome, he deserves a paragraph of his own. If I could amount to half of what he is, I would be in a different place in my life right now. Even though we are four and a half years apart, we are so in sync that we finish each other’s sentences, get inside jokes and any subtle references. I can tell him anything, and vice versa. He is a very hard worker and I wish I had his determination and drive. As all siblings, we have our differences, and as all siblings, we fight about them. We may not talk for a couple of days but after that, we put the past behind us and look forward. I don’t know what I would do without him. No matter how many words I use, they would never do justice to how I feel about him.

By: Arjun Kay

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