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Is it worthwhile to advocate on behalf of individual prisoners?

          Most people know the story of Mahatma Gandhi – a prisoner under the British reign of India. He spoke first; alone and devoid of any major support. Once he spoke, he gave courage to others. The courage that people have the right speak for themselves, whether in prison or not. He is just one of such examples. Nelson Mandela was another such figure. Whether a prisoner or not, if someone has to say something they should be heard.

          Under the United Nations Human Rights Declaration Article 10 “Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him”, it is clearly stated that – keyword – everyone is entitled to such rights. Even a prisoner comes under the category of everyone, no mater what their crime, how long they have been in there for or even their background. Canada prides itself when it come’s to the right to free speech – as it should considering other countries – however, would that right not be taken away if that sole individual is smothered under the scales of Lady Justice? The same individual could be the one to tip the scales for better prison conditions, better visiting hours, in short, a better life.

          Each independent individual should be able to fight for their rights. They may be in prison, however, Human Rights – birth given rights – cannot be taken away. The Canadian Constitution grants a right to free speech, and they should have access to it. Each voice is an important one. Imagine yourself in that situation; feeling the injustice, wanting to scream out, fight for real justice, and having no one to listen to you – would you feel that your one voice could have made a difference?

– Arjun K.

Sit down, kick back, relax, open your mind


New Home Away From Home

As a first year student myself, I know exactly how others feel. A little sad that you are moved down to the last rung of the social ladder once again, and in turn a little helpless. There is nothing to worry about because in college there is always something for everyone to do and fit in.

What I did to help others get around Humber College’s Lakeshore campus a little better is, as I was exploring it for myself, I marked down the different stores, restaurants, and services around campus. I hope this can help people and give them a better idea about the neighbourhood in which they are going to live, work, and study in.

Each number on the map corrosponds to a number beneath the picture. (i.e. 1 on the map is Printing. Copies.) The numbers on the map are exactly where the store is. (i.e. 17 – N.T. Williamson Real Estate LTD is just a bit past Kipling Ave.).

I hope this helps!


Arjun Kay

P.S. Make sure to click on the image to get a larger view. The image will appear in a new window.

Humber Lakeshore Map and Legend

Home Away From Home

1 –  Printing. Copies. Fax

Computer Rental/Resume/ College Books for less

2 – Just Sushi


3 – Mon Lee’s Variety

Convenience Store

4 – Pizza and Wings


5 – Ghazele

Middle Eastern Food

6 – Blue Lagoon

Sports Bar and Grill (Karaoke every Friday and Saturday)

7 – Nails

Beauty Salon

8 – Mobilicity Telehut


9 – Subway


10 – H and R Block


 11 – Tatsuis Bread


12 – Diarda

Pizza and wings

13 – Unicare Pharmacy


14 – Lakeshore West Medical and Profressional Centre


15 – Eye Candy Opcticals


16 – Humber Fashion Institute


17 – N.T. Williamson Real Estate LTD

Real Estate

18 – North Sails

Sales and Service Loft

19 – Economical Movers


20 – Yalla Café

Middle Eastern Eatery and Pastery

21 – Hope of Church

Deliverance Ministers

22 – Golden Touch

Building Maintanance

23 – Aqua – Nails and Spa

Beauty Salon

24 – AmeriSpecs

Inspection Services

25 – Minute Muffler and Brakes


26 – Williams Coffee Pub


27 – Father John Redmond

Catholic School and Regional Arts Centre

28 – Ken Cox Community Centre

Attached to school

AN – Humber Centre for Justice Leadership


Park – Wide grounds to sit and relax

Can Bike, Picnic, Walk Pets

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