Poetry – A Feast for the Mind

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Love’s role in this house is

Dissolving like the shell of an egg in vinegar.

Hate waiting impatiently –

Ready to explode like a volcano.

Spewing hot, molten loathing

That will engulf everyone.

Mistrust, irrationality, and stress

Already knocking at our door.

Problems spring forth like rabbits

Hopping out of a magician’s hat.

An army of  worries, burdens,

And obstacles headed out way.

Only the four of us to fend them off.

United we stand.

But there is no such thing

As unity in this world, is there?

Bleeding Heart

There has been always one       heart in your life since the

very start. Beating beside you since before your very first step.

The heart that has supported you no matter what, needs some of

It’s own support now. A once happy heart now has started to

crumble, break, and fall in front of your very eyes. Over

time this heart has scarred with all your wrong

actions. A heart that was once strong

and proud, now


Pride and Ego

I dwell in the depths of your subconscious.

I live in dark corners, deep deep down, and

I allow myself to wear an imaginary crown.

I feed on your success, and grow with each accomplishment

Never have I ever bowed or bent,

Losing is my kryptonite. I am like a balloon which is

immune to all needles.

It is no riddle, I am the best, I think I deserve a medal.

I fall back when injured, but growl and snarl when I flare,

You may not see it, but others know I am there. I pounce at every

Opportunity like the jungle’s king.

I dwell in the depths of your subconscious.

Poetry On a Full Stomach

I am very full

Because I just saw my friend


Glass Box

Standing there – silent like

the windless night. Just watching

my every action with no expression;

or so it seems. Masked behind

a layer of make-up with the

black tears to add a nice touch,

you just stand there.

Standing inside the glass box

you have put yourself in –

away from all society. Why

should I rescue you if I

know I get nothing in return?

You are just going to put yourself

in your little glass box again.

Happily Never After

I have this feeling for you,

Oh, ‘tis so pure.

Every time I see you,

This indescribable emotion rushes though my veins, replacing my blood.

You are a good friend, but I have a lot of those.

I want you to be more,

Every time you turn away, my heart grows sore.

After openly confessing to you my thought, everything

Has changed, turned for the worst, and hit a dead end.

Now these desires are lost and confused – led astray,

Like a sheep separated from its flock.

Every time you walk away, my heart aches.

I sit here now, all alone, just wondering –

Could things have turned out any differently?

Paper and Pencil


Flimsy, thin

Tearing, crumpling, littering

Colourful, confetti… smudges, shavings

Writing, drawing, creating

Rigid, hard



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