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A Recipe for Disaster

A dash of yelling.

A pinch of frustration.

A spoonful of showing off,

and the zest of contradiction.

 A healthy helping of false hope

and a cup of over confidence.

Before throwing in the twigs of

disappointment, tie them with some rope.

Achieve a raging boil,

and then toss in a sprig of mistrust

To get the perfect dish of family problems.

Serve over a bed of clashing egos

To make the perfect Family Problem Mash-up


Pride and Ego

I dwell in the depths of your subconscious.

I live in dark corners, deep deep down, and

I allow myself to wear an imaginary crown.

I feed on your success, and grow with each accomplishment

Never have I ever bowed or bent,

Losing is my kryptonite. I am like a balloon which is

immune to all needles.

It is no riddle, I am the best, I think I deserve a medal.

I fall back when injured, but growl and snarl when I flare,

You may not see it, but others know I am there. I pounce at every

Opportunity like the jungle’s king.

I dwell in the depths of your subconscious.

By: Arjun Kay

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