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A Recipe for Disaster

A dash of yelling.

A pinch of frustration.

A spoonful of showing off,

and the zest of contradiction.

 A healthy helping of false hope

and a cup of over confidence.

Before throwing in the twigs of

disappointment, tie them with some rope.

Achieve a raging boil,

and then toss in a sprig of mistrust

To get the perfect dish of family problems.

Serve over a bed of clashing egos

To make the perfect Family Problem Mash-up


Bleeding Heart

There has been always one       heart in your life since the

very start. Beating beside you since before your very first step.

The heart that has supported you no matter what, needs some of

It’s own support now. A once happy heart now has started to

crumble, break, and fall in front of your very eyes. Over

time this heart has scarred with all your wrong

actions. A heart that was once strong

and proud, now


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