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My City. My Toronto. My Home

Every Wednesday from the middle of July to the end of August, the city of Toronto plays host to an event called Fresh Wednesdays. Come down to Nathan Phillips Square (between Queen St. W and Dundas St. W on Bay St) to enjoy a whole array of great eats that come off the grill, pan or fryer from 8:00 AM till 2:

00 PM. Nathan Phillips Square – which is where City Hall is located – is converted into a Farmer’s Market where many local farmers showcase their products in their own individual stalls. Many stalls also offer food made with their own ingredients. A person sat beside me to enjoy some Tamale she just bought at one of the many stalls while her friend ate some roasted corn on the cob. If you are a person who loves organic foods or just vegetables and fruits that are grown locally, this is the place for you.

If food is not your interest or you happened to just run into it and had no money to buy anything, have no fear. There is live music that runs from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM to give company to the many farmers, tourists, and visitors. The music is played by local artists who are making a place for themselves step by step. The live music is fantastic and very different from what is usually heard around us.  When I went on August 18th, we had Sundar Duo playing for us; they played Jazz/World Music. The best part about the music – other than the fact that it is live and local – is that it is free! That’s right, great music for free is an incentive in itself to get up and get to Nathan Phillips Square. On August 25th, the last day of Fresh Wednesday, there is a group by the name of PoetiKs, and they are going to take us into the world of Spoken Word – one of my favourite genres.

To top things off, the weather was perfect. The sun was shining brightly with a clear blue sky dotted with wisps of thin clouds. As I sat down on one of the many benches surrounding the Nathan Phillips Square fountain, I could not help but sit down and look at everything around me. The stage was off to the right along with the Farmer’s Market and the two city hall buildings that towered over the grounds. Behind me was the busy Bay St. and to my left was the bustling Queen St. W. Across me, many drakes and ducks waded around the Nathan Phillips Square fountain creating tiny ripples on the surface.

Sitting there, I observed the many people were tapping their feet while in line for some food, or they were having conversations with the farmers about the produce. Many tourists walked around with a Tillie hat, a camera slung around their neck, and a plateful of food, or struck poses using the City Hall or the fountain as a back drop. The air was full of languages other than English – some people spoke in French, Italian, or Spanish, while others in Mandarin, Cantonese and even Korean! It was great to sit in the middle of it all and to absorb it all. Toronto is truly a Cultural Mosaic indeed.

There is always something going on around us. All we have to do is go around and look for them – of if you are like me, unexpectedly stumble upon them. God only knows the amount of knowledge one can learn just by walking around and spending some time in the place they call home.

By: Arjun Kay

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